Writer, author beware

Not every writer is an author, but all authors are writers. Whichever you class yourself as… beware. You are in the crosshairs of scammers. Oh they offer something, dangling the carrot but the prize is your name in their database. Additionally, you may find you also receive mail from their affiliate link people.

An affiliate, in general business terms, is an “official attachment” of one business entity to another. … In online retailing, affiliation is common in marketing and selling wherein one company may affiliate with another to sell products or services. The seller has a website on which affiliates may sell products.”

You can be a blogger, or an author but generally this is more a blogger’s way to monetize their site. (Make money.) Writers who are bloggers are offered courses, or software to help you ‘monetize your blog.’



carrot to lure authors

Unless you are a ‘big name’ author, you need reviews. So the dangling carrot says – because reviews bring sales. That’s one carrot to catch us… but there is another growing trend.

Awards and possibly the book being picked up by a film company.

Some of these are genuine, but a vast majority are not, in fact a growing number are not.

Personal experience 1

I have experience of both. Being fooled by an offer of author software to make my life easier. I would like to say I was taken in because I was ‘recovering from a hospital stay’ and perhaps it was. However, truth be told I was ‘taken in.’

The piece of software did not work. For more than a week I wrote daily to the support team/person selling the ‘programme’ and received only a form reply. You know the kind… “Thank you for your patience while we work on this.” Because there was no option for a refund, in the end I sent them an email saying I was going to contact my bank because this felt like I was being stalled. There were no more emails from support. So, I did contact my bank.

A couple of weeks later when the payment had been reversed the angry emails threatening me started. The person (quite a common name if you are on one of her affiliate’s lists) said she would ‘blacken my name’ with her affiliates too. When the first emails arrived, I tried to explain, then stopped because it was clearly pointless.
But I saved all the threatening emails in a folder.

Then there is experience 2

Keep the Flame, book 4 in the Apostle John SeriesThis one is actually farther back. One of my books won another award; it already had one.

It was a ‘higher level’ award, and came with the option of purchasing a beautiful, but rather expensive glass award.
Award page  
Scroll down to view.

I decided not spend the money.

Then one of my care aides saw a picture of the award and persuaded me to order it. She said it would be something for my young granddaughter overseas to remember me by. Since I will never be able to travel again, therefore will not see her again, I gave in.

The award never arrived, and that was the 2018 awards. I never received the stickers, or the certificate either.

Since then I have discovered this site…


Writer, or author

I consider myself both. But I do not montetize my blog, I only recommend (on a personal level) products I have found useful or which live up to what they claim to do.

With my author writing… Not everyone who likes my books writes a review, it would be good if they did, but some readers write to me telling me how much they enjoyed the book/books.

Reason for writer, author beware

I am embarrassed at the mistakes I made and reluctant to share. However, so many new writers and authors are appearing in one of the writing groups I belong to. When I made my mistakes, there was no one to ask. So, I share this is in the hope of saving other authors and writers from following in my mistakes.

Beware, but keep writing.


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