A Word Fitly Spoken

a word fitly spoken is like apples of gold

A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.
Proverbs 25: 11

What does that mean? Well, a meaning I found was, “A word fitly spoken can mean well spoken or spoken at the right time. ” So said someone answering a question on Quora.

I heard it recently and it came to mind during my time in the ‘wilderness.’

What wilderness?

The one that had no phone or Internet access for nearly a week.

A fitly spoken word

Before, during and after the time in total isolation, my description of that term would have been the truth.

Why tell me I would lose neither the phone of the Internet when it was probably obvious I would lose both. Which I did, and only a prepaid mobile phone with insufficient credit to deal with ‘please hold while we try to connect you,’ Mmm

Maxine, my care aide, took me to try to work it out. I know, I should not have been walking since my oxygen saturation dropped to the 60s (Mine can drop that low because I have been managing on low oxygen for years.) Not as low as it did that day though.

low oxygen reading

I will not tell you how low it went, but it was lower than this.

What I can tell you is that the phone and Internet stayed off. 

Since my oxygen levels were so low, and remained low even though I turned the flow rate up. (I am allowed) – it was scary  On another subject…though.

Are Our Words Fitly Spoken?

I remember my grandmother say ‘tell the truth and shame the devil.’

It was a long time ago, and probably is not understood by many, if any, nowadays.

Well, apart from telling, and being told the truth, I have some other suggestions for words fitly spoken.

  • Do they encourage?
  • Do they comfort?
  • Do they help or guide?
  • Even, do they correct?

We all need our ‘course’ corrected sometimes. If people always agree with us (to our faces) what are we learning if we have ‘lost the plot’ or are hurting another.

fitly spoken words encourage

Yes, every day IS a new start. We need to encourage (which sometimes involves telling a truth that might hurt… but gently.) We also might need to learn to receive encouragement.

Remember this post?

Still, I received encouragement when I emerged from the wasteland of no contact with the outside world. (As well as hundreds of emails and messages I am still working my way through.)

Living at the end of an Oxygen Tube has been given a five star review by Readers’ Favorite.

5-* seal

You can see the review on the book page

Well, would have been last Sunday’s post – but looking for the positive, I would not have known about the five-star review if I had written this last Sunday. 

All things work together for good…

Some will recognise this,

God bless