Meet Lois, representing women

silhouette of women walking

International Women’s’ Day is almost upon us for another year. Last year, over a four-week period, I featured several women. This year, I introduce you to one. She is fictional. She is Lois, who has been in all four of the Apostle John series from her first appearance in Hold the Faith.
She is my featured woman for International Women’s Day 2017

Why choose quiet, kind, helpful, unassuming Lois? Because, in many ways Lois embodies many women. I have no picture of Lois in my mind, but I know who she is… and she has a backstory that is only hinted at in the books.

As a child, Lois was the victim of abuse… physical and emotional. In the time setting of the series there was no social welfare, no child protection agency, no help. (Well, for Lois there was. She was rescued… but that is in the book, and the backstory available to members of my Reader’s Circle.)

Nowadays there are many agencies to intervene in the cases of child abuse. I have written before about the long-term effects of emotional abuse. Bruises heal, broken bones mend, but emotional pain spreads its tentacles through the life of the person who has been abused. I have experienced some of the effects, and seen it in many others.

During my time as a Psychiatric Nursing Sister I saw many results. Young women who repeatedly tried to commit suicide. (After all, if parents abused them, or close family members did and parents wouldn’t believe the child, obviously the ‘abused’ did not deserve to live.) One woman suffered such abuse she fragmented into multiple personalities.

Back to Lois…
In the series, Lois is not based on any one person. Although she is a fictional, historical person, she is a composite of many women in my life. Not one, a blending of experiences over many years.

silhouette of women walking

Something I read by another older writer… she said she had lived long enough to have had lots of experiences. (I do not remember her exact words, but I connected with what she had written.) I have a vast ‘mental database’ of experiences and when I create a character various aspects of the character is drawn from this ‘database.’ None of the ‘people’ in my series are people I have met, but the traits of many people end up stored in my mind. Somewhere.

Why choose ‘Lois’? She is ordinary. She is a kind, helpful and encouraging person – with people she knows and has learnt to trust. With strangers, she is timid, even a bit afraid. You could say she is introverted, but it is more than introversion – there is some lingering damage there. Oh, and she is in her early thirties. Old to be unmarried in those times.

(You would have to read the books to find out more about Lois and what happens to her.)

However, generally speaking, Lois is like so many women. Hard-working, choosing to be self-sacrificing and much loved by those who know her and appreciate her quiet kindness.

Lois is not a key character in the series… but she is WOMAN.

Praise God for all the unsung, perhaps taken-for-granted women who live their lives caring for families or friends and all that entails, but never receive medals or accolades.

Please take this as your medal.

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