How do you listen?

Do you listen

How do you listen may sound like a strange question but consider it for a moment.

listen too hear

Do we listen to hear, or to respond?


Do we listen to form an opinion, to learn something, or to reject what is being said?

Do we filter what we hear through our own opinions or beliefs? 

Listen through our own lens. Camera lens
no button to refuse to listen

Sometimes this may be the right thing to do.

On other occasions we might miss something we need to know.

Could this be why we don’t listen?

The TV ads ‘yabber’ at us, Strangers ring us up and without a pause to say who they are start trying to sell us something.

When checking Pixabay for images for this post I was surprised at how many images of Twitter there were. Even though I see they have changed the number of characters allowed per tweet from 140 to 280 ‘characters’ … ‘characters’ includes spaces and punctuation. Another option for images was Facebook. Is that how we communicate now? Are we trained to communicating with two sentences, or a ‘like’ on Facebook?

There is an ad on TV and it seems to be aimed at preventing suicide – it’s about talking and listening. (It’s a very well-put-together ad.) My question is would we hear the need… always supposing the person had the courage to voice their feelings?

Busy, Busy, Busy

Is it possible that some of the time we start off listening then our minds drift away on to a mental list of things we have to do?

I have lived through the difference in our society.

People used to visit each other’s homes for morning coffee. They would sit and listen to holiday stories, children’s achievements and so on. Now our lives are lived at a much faster pace with more demands. In most two-parent families both work. If not, there might be children to take to various sports or activities.

Listening is a skill

Listening requires that the listener fully concentrate, understand, respond and then remember what is being said.

It is also time-consuming.

Which is probably why it is not a skill that is much practiced these days.

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