Adventures with a Spider

spider web

A different sort of blog this week. As the top image might suggest, it is about a spider – but if they fill you with horror or alarm, fret not. I do not intend to fill this post with pictures of spiders.

The other night I was heading off to bed when I saw a rather large spider racing at me. I was not calm, but there was only me to deal with it.

Oops it was heading in the direction of my bedroom. “No way Jose.”

To corral the spider
Spider not shown

I stopped its dash, trapping it with the oxygen tube. (There is 59 feet of it.)

I needed to reach the spray, not photograph the spider.

Spider refuses to give up

It was determined. It knew where it was going and kept turning back, until eventually it figured out it could step over the tubing.

I made a dash for the kitchen cupboard, grabbed the spray, and sprayed in the direction I had seen it last. It was one of those spiders that come toward the threat, so it ‘charged’ at me.

(Some of them do.) Blasted it with the spray, and sat down, watching it. I have been tricked before. Yes, it faked death. But, as I said, I know their tricks LOL. So, I gave it another squirt of spray and went to the kitchen for a glass I don’t use anymore and put it over the top of the spider to stop its charge to my bedroom.

(It was outside my bedroom door. Not comfortable with that.)

The spider was sprayed and trapped

If you cannot be calm, act calm. I sat down on lounge chair, maybe watched a bit of TV but mainly watched the spider resurrect itself and try to get out of the glass.

Half an hour later it was still trying to escape, but I needed to go to bed. So, I carefully positioned the oxygen tube around the glass and made sure there was enough spare tubing in the bedroom so I wouldn’t pull it and knock the glass over.

If it wasn’t dead in the morning, it would be after Gail, my home help, vacuumed it up.

There you go… a slice of life in an Aussie summer when everything wants to come in in search of water and/or escape from the heat.



I was outside spraying before Gail arrived.
(That way, hopefully, unwanted intruders will have walked through the spray first and not be so fast on their eight legs.)


I did not call out, or shout at it like this poor man who triggered a large police response, who arrived with lights and sirens. (Someone thought he was killing his young child.)

Warning: there is an image of the spider in the story.

Man and spider spark police emergency