Staying out of Hospital, just!

As the title says.. I am ‘staying out of hospital… just.’

This is why there was no Sunday post last Sunday. 

My doctor has increased medications and will be ringing me twice a day. No improvement, and it will be hospital. 

Staying out of hospital for this reason

And this is the reason I do not want to go to hospital! Well, one of them.

My doctor’s reason is that I am too vulnerable and could ‘catch something else.”

I very much appreciate her!

I am not a ‘fan’ of prednisone. It has too many side effects, but in the short term it seems to be working. Although it is boring to so what I am told… as little as possible, my oxygen sats are not dropping as low as they were, and that’s when walking a short distance in my home.

By the way, I started separating the non-fiction oxygen writings to another website. It’s not finished by a long way, but it’s started.

You can see it here…

That’s it for now, thank you for reading.

God bless,


2 thoughts on “Staying out of Hospital, just!”

  1. Oh Susan I am so sorry
    I have not been in touch. I am ashamed of myself. You are always in my prayers . Hang in there lovely lady. May God keep you in His care. I kept the FOT at home and streamed all sermons of the COG they were very uplifting. If I can do anything to help you please let me know. Much love Christine.


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