Shadow of the Past

Shadow of the Past, cover image

When Elizabeth is unexpectedly meets the man who rejected her father’s offer of betrothal to her she panics.

All the hurt of the past comes to the fore.

She runs… but to find out if her sister knows the truth.

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Shadow of the Past by Susan M B Preston is a story that will engage you immediately. The descriptive narrative was exceptional and I was immediately swept into the lives of Elizabeth and her family. I loved the character of Elizabeth; she was strong but also had a vulnerability which I thought was so endearing. The relationship with her daughter was also beautiful. The sub-plots regarding Elizabeth’s family gave the story real substance, especially between Sara and Micah. The relationships between the different family members were very interesting and there were many issues between the characters that were compelling to see unravelled. The women in the story were portrayed sympathetically; they were strong but in the 1st century, it seems they had little chance of independent thought or opinion. I really wanted Elizabeth to find happiness because I empathized with her kind and caring character so much. The author has clearly done her research regarding the era and included many little details which made the whole story authentic. The dialogue was unique to each character, and I was pleased that the author did not use the dialect of the time as this would have been a distraction from the storyline. The ending was perfect and, hopefully, there will be a sequel. I would love to discover what happens to Elizabeth next.5-* seal


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