Light of Truth

Book 3 in the Apostle John Series.   Early Christianity Comes To Life

IAN Finalist, 2017

LIght of Truth by Susan M B Preston, cover image

He’s accepted his Christianity. She fears the consequences. Will they overcome the most traumatizing of God’s tests, or fall to accusations of heresy?

Feast of Tabernacles, 92 AD. Benjamin is finally feeling more at peace. Able at last to move on from the woman he thought he would marry, the devout Christian takes immense pride in his work as scribe for his great-grandfather, the Apostle John. But he risks scandal when he shares a few forbidden words on the street with a beautiful young Jewess.

Excited to spread the good word, Benjamin hopes the Jewish family’s interest will one day reunite him with the alluring woman. So he’s shocked when her father suddenly attacks the innocent girl, beating her to the brink of death.

Will the word of God guide them to safety in the face of violent zealots?

Light of Truth is the moving third book in The Apostle John Biblical fiction series. If you like a wide breadth of fascinating characters, heavily researched historical context, and rich religious backgrounds, then you’ll love Susan M B Preston’s paradigm shift of the soul.

          Awarded five star reviews by three Readers’ Favorite Reviewers and an IAN finalist in 2017

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I very much enjoyed The Light of Truth: Early Christianity Comes to Life. Author Susan Preston has done a wonderful job in creating characters that her readers will be able to connect with, relate to, and truly come to care about. If that isn't a hallmark of a great author, I'm not sure what is. Her ability to tell stories that are fresh and revealing from biblical times is second to none. Any reader who loves works of Christian fiction should absolutely read this book. I am pleased to be able to recommend it, and look forward to reading more from author Susan Preston in the future!
Chris Fischer for Readers’ Favorite

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