Hold the Faith

Descended from Jesus’ last living disciple, will one young man’s journey to find his path in life lead him further from God?

AD 92. Benjamin aches for a deeper purpose. Although tired of being shunned and targeted for his faith, he yearns to join the endeavors of his great-grandfather, the Apostle John. But leaving the family’s oil-trading business becomes even harder after a brutal attack on his father fills him with rage.

Embarking on a two-year trip with the aging apostle as he visits his fellowship groups, Benjamin’s adventures start to shape him into a man ready to choose his future. But Benjamin’s faith is challenged when his return home brings hardship… and unexpected heartbreak.

With uncertainty challenging him from every direction, can Benjamin overcome his anger with God?

Hold the Faith is the captivating first book in The Apostle John biblical fiction series. If you like fascinating character interactions, twisting religious narratives, and well-researched Christian history, then you’ll love Susan M B Preston’s enthralling tale.

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I finished reading your book. Loved it… so applicable to the things going on in my life right now. It is both entertaining and educational. I was told yesterday to remember that God is in charge and that He is overseeing my life and all that is happening. It kind of reminds me of the dilemma that Benjamin was facing at the close of the book.
John Reiss
It was interesting reading a novel version of the story around the gospels. I went to a Catholic school and we studied the Bible a lot, but I think it's more enjoyable to read a novel occasionally to take you back into the time, it enables more empathy and understanding of the people and their trials.
Amazon customer
Rachel Knox

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