Grow in Grace

Grow in Grace by Susan M B Preston, cover image

Book 2 in The Apostle John series.   Early Christianity Comes to Life

Benjamin knows he is running away.

Struggling to handle the worst disappointment of his life, he abandons all he knows and seeks refuge in the hard physical work as a grape picker in a vineyard.

But will his time away from family and friends lead him away from God?

Or will it lead him back to his Christian faith?

Rachel, the granddaughter of the Jewish papyrus merchant, has been raised to believe the Christians are “heretics.” Will the kindness of the Apostle John and his family — and an inexplicable miracle – make her rethink everything she thinks she knows about the Christians?

John, the last living Apostle, continues writing the Gospel of John, with the help of visitors from Cyprus. But time is running out as the Roman authorities increase their persecution. Will he be arrested again? And will he be able to set down his memories of Jesus Christ before Rome intervenes?


Walk with the early Christians as they struggle to understand, overcome every trial and to Grow in Grace.

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With skill the author writes a window into the struggles and triumphs of 1st century believers. You’ll be taken back to a time when living by faith was a necessity not a convenience. Like me, you might be struck by the contrast between the early church and our current mode of religious worship. I can’t help but think we’ve lost much in the way of hope, faith, and love over the past two thousand years. If you are looking for a book which will encourage you to Grow in Grace then Susan Preston’s book is one you will love.
William Struse
Author and Amazon Top 500 reviewer

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