Rocks of Trouble or Stepping Stones?

I recently read a church newsletter and the phrase ‘that the rocks of trouble are actually stepping stones of growth caught my attention. Thinking about the ‘rocks of trouble in my life, I can see it has been true, although it is often a challenge to see this, at least at the time.

What are rocks of trouble?

They can be different things to different people – but a good general description is ‘adversity.’

Adversity is defined in as…

  • Adverse or unfavorable fortune or fate

A condition marked by

  • Misfortune
  • Calamity
  • Distress

There would be few grown-up, or nearly grown-up people who have not experienced some of the above.

rocks of trouble into stepping stones

Some people are able to quickly change those rocks of trouble into stepping stones of growth, but most of us take longer. Some never change them, but many succeed.

Those rocks of adversity are trials, and they can either defeat us, or challenge us to grow… and I must add, sometimes we have to sit in the trial before we can see how to move forward.

Our rocks of trouble might be…

  • Loss of health
  • Loss of a job
  • Loss of a spouse
  • Loss of a child
  • Loss of a parent or special family member.

Yes, those are all losses. But what if your rock was being bullied or discriminated against? In some ways that might be harder. With the losses, we either stay down the hole, or eventually find the ability to make a new reality. With bullying or being discriminated against it might be more of a challenge, but there is help available.

chipping away at rocks

Each of us must find it within ourselves to ‘chip away’ at our rock of trouble. Never let what happens to us ‘define’ who we are. Never let what others think of us define who we are either.

Personal challenges:

This year has (so far) been the worst year for me since the year my husband died. As mentioned in a previous blog I ended up on oxygen 24/7, and living at the end of an eighteen metre oxygen tube…. (which has made my home a very great trip hazard.)

A short drive to the local shopping centre to post a letter – well, that turned out badly. I tripped over tree roots that were not visible the angle I was approaching from. I have to say it was a blessing that I did not break my leg. All these weeks later the bone is still painful to touch. (Bruising is finally fading though.)

Then my cataracts finally needed surgery so I was unable to drive and became housebound.

My stepping stones

Through the learning curve of adjusting to all that had changed for the worse, there were…

Three good friends who Skyped me regularly. Other friends who emailed and encouraged me.


There are times we all need support, and sometimes for longer than others.

And by the way, what we learn in these rocks of troubles can help others at a later date.

None of us are left ‘dangling’ permanently. Few people like to remain in the adversity.

dangling from the rock

Just thinking


P.S. By the day after cataract surgery – felt great. I have been very blessed and prayed for by many of those supporters who knew how much I dreaded it.

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