Freedom of Speech. Really?

Freedom of speech is defined by as “noun: the power or right to express one’s opinions without censorship, restraint, or legal penalty.”

That is the ideal, but sadly it is not happening.

Freedom of speech only counts if it is politically correct

This past week on the news it was announced that Margaret Court would not be presenting the women’s singles trophy at this year’s Australian Open.

Don’t know who Margaret Court is?

“Court is one of only three players to have achieved a career “boxed set” of Grand Slam titles, winning every possible Grand Slam title – singles, women’s doubles and mixed doubles – at all four Grand Slam events. The others are Doris Hart and Martina Navratilova. Court, however, is the only person to have won all 12 Grand Slam events at least twice. She also is unique in having completed a boxed set before the start of the open era in 1968 and a separate boxed set after the start of the open era.”

Her rejection by Tennis Australia is caused by her stand on the Biblical view of LGBT rights and same-sex marriage in Australia. In 2012, she opposed proposed same-sex marriage reforms.

What happened to ‘agree to differ?’

Freedom of speech, agree to differ

When I was a young person, and then a not-so-young-person, people were not penalized for holding contrary views. Well, in most situations. There were some exceptions. For example it would not have gone down well to be drawing wages from your employer, then going out and demonstrating against him.

I have lived long enough to see many things I disagreed with, however just because I disagree doesn’t mean everyone else has to do the same.

You have a right to your opinion, I have mine

I will not impose my beliefs on you, so please don’t try to impose your beliefs on me.

It can be a prickly subject

It is a sad day…

When what a person believes trumps what he or she has achieved.

The Aussie tennis legend, who holds the grand slam record with 24 major titles, is marking the 50th anniversary of the year she won the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and the US Open in a calendar year at Melbourne Park starting next week.

Just a note: I am not a member of the church run by Margaret Court, nor do I intend to become a member. My beliefs are quite different from her faith. I can agree to differ with what she believes and still recognize the awesome career she has had.

To be honest, I am disappointed by the state of the times that has led to this decision.



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