Clash of Faiths

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This is third novella in the series which follows  ‘Old Simon’s’ family.

At long last Simon returns to Ephesus and his son, Judah.

However, there are a few things his son Judah does not know. He is about to find out when he meets Simon at the port.

  • His father is not alone. He is bringing Judah’s older brother with his wife, child, and mother-in-law.
  • Simon intends to settle in Ephesus. This is not just a visit for a few months.

There is something else that disturbs Judah. Why did the ship’s captain hurry after Simon and tell him to go to the oil-seller, a known heretic, a follower of the hated Way?

How can Simon explain his interest in a faith he went to great lengths to discourage Judah from being involved in?

Will it go beyond curiosity?

Read the novella to find out.

5-star Readers' Favorite Review

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Reviewed by K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite
Clash Of Faiths is a dramatic religious novella written by author
Susan M B Preston. It is the third in a series of companion works to
her Apostle John series, focusing now on the members of old
Simon’s family. In this instalment, we find ourselves in and around
100 AD as Simon returns to Ephesus with a new mindset in tow.
Judah, Simon’s son, is surprised to find the man bringing the whole
family and getting ready to settle in Ephesus for good. But when
Judah also discovers the real reasons why, it sparks a conversation
of heresy, faith and judgement that could tear a family apart.
Having read many of Susan M B Preston’s works before, I was
interested once again to see her capture a new slice of life in the
early development of the Christian faith. Here, we see side
characters from her previous series discovering their own faith
choices in the early clashing days of the culture, and the divides
developing within a single family really make the drama and
importance of such a choice stand out. The prose is well written,
with dialogue that doesn’t feel too modern but has also been
simplified from the original time to make the characters more
relatable. On top of this is the superb description of places such as
Kusadasi and Ephesus itself, where the ruins of today are brought
back to life as real places where people lived, breathed, fought and
loved. Clash Of Faiths offers all of that and more.

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