Missing post

Apologies for no post on Sunday (my time).  Missing post was due to my emergency admission and five day hospital stay.

Back home now although I will have to go back as a day patient for tests that could not be arranged so quickly.

missing post

God-willing I will be here at home for a while, and there will be no missing post again this weekend.



The bed in the main image is the same as the one I was in. Pretty comfortable as far as hospital beds go.

Beware of buying online clothing – my experience

Buyer beware

Buyer beware!
Over the course of my life I have heard that so many times, and rarely am I ‘burned’ but it did happen. I post this, somewhat embarrassed, but as a warning.
So this post is called, “Beware of buying online clothing – my experience .” Sadly, there is more… but to my experience.

If you have a Facebook page you most likely have seen the adverts for clothing… dresses, tops etc. Most webpages now have enticing adverts, and if you have looked at something – as in clicked on it, you will continue to be ‘served’ ads about it.

One advert for a particular dress fascinated me for a long time, but I was reluctant to buy online. However, with time running short for a special event coming up, I thought it would be great to have one new dress. (It is years since I bought one.)

It was not a sudden decision. I give a great deal of thought to spending money. As most of you know, it is hard to come by and seems to disappear so quickly.

A couple of times I clicked on the advert, checked out the women’s clothing. I still liked that dress! I checked the sizing chart (I am not as slender as I used to be.) LOL – far from it.)

Delaying spending money online for clothing, I checked out the shops here in Perth. Where that did not work was because summer dresses have been in the stores since mid-winter and I wanted a dress for a cool time in the US… autumn, or fall as they call it.

Surprisingly (not) the advert kept appearing. They followed me around to many sites.
Those ‘tracking cookies’ are a pain.

Cutting a long story short, after several looks at the dress, checking my measurements I decided to buy it, using Paypal, which advertises their ‘buyer protection.’

Buyer beware indeed!

You might have seen the adverts – this was the one I thought would be a great choice for me.

And so it might have been.

I was a little concerned about the sizing, in spite of measuring myself, checking Rotita’s chart, so I did what I normally do, went for a size larger.

Oh, excitement. It arrived sooner than I expected.
I brought the parcel home, opened it.
Checked the size label – it was the right size.

Reality of Rotita dress, buyer beware

It was very crushed from being rolled up in a small parcel, so I put it on a coat-hanger for the crinkles to drop out. Mmm.

I tried it on, or attempted to, and gave up. There was no way this garment would fit. So I fetched my tape measure… no wonder it didn’t fit. It was wrongly sized. From Rotita’s sizing chart, about a medium size – although the label said otherwise.

By the way – when my care assistant arrived and saw the garment hanging from the wardrobe she laughed. “It’s ten feet tall,” she said.

Well, I do not think the dress itself is 10 foot. That wardrobe is 8 foot – still, she has a point. What size would the wearer have to be?


I went online to the Rotita website.
30 days easy return.


Sign in failure

What those red words say is ‘Sorry, login failure please check your username and password.’

I tried several times, all with the same result. I tried various ways to contact them, including their Facebook page – but all directed me back to the page where I was unable to log in.

In desperation, because I could not contact the company directly, I went to Paypal and contested the purchase.

Some progress…
The company offered it to me at half price.
What use is something to me that will NEVER fit? So, I refused it.

Paypal was a disappointment to me.
Eventually they said that I could return the garment for a full refund. To an address in China! And to send it with ‘tracking’ so Paypal could verify its arrival at the company.

I went to the Post Office with the garment. And brought it home. The cost of the package, postage and tracking was almost as much as the refund I was to receive.

As for Paypal – why am I disappointed with them?
Because I cannot contact them to tell them why I cannot send it back.

I have two options. Enter the tracking number or cancel the claim.

Buyer beware of refunds

Buyer beware indeed!

Learned my lesson!


If any 10 foot tall, slender women out there want a dress, I have one!

Shame on you Qantas! Shame!

Pulmonary Fibrosis kills, and not in a pleasant way.  There is a strict criteria patients with pulmonary fibrosis have to ‘fit’ before being referred to a wait list for lungs. Some patients can survive with a ‘partial’ transplant… i.e, one lobe. Others need a double lung transplant – like the man who was the subject of the brief report on Saturday evening news.

There is a long list of criteria a prospective recipient must meet. (See list at the end.)

The subject of the news report, at 66 yrs of age is at the upper end of being suitable for a lung transplant…

“The man’, rushed to Adelaide Airport with wife son on Thursday to catch a flight to Sydney.

Waiting for them at St Vincent’s Hospital were the donor lungs he had been wanting for 26 months. The man suffers the suffocating lung condition pulmonary fibrosis where scars on lung tissue reduce oxygen supply to the blood resulting in perpetual shortness of breath.
The Adelaide Advertiser with identifying details removed.

The hospital had booked the flight from Adelaide to Sydney where an ambulance would take him from the flight to the hospital. But when the family arrived at Adelaide Airport what is called ‘a booking mixup’ denied the man the flight. He was booked on a later flight…”

but too late for the transplant!

The news report says… ‘Suffocating lung condition pulmonary fibrosis’   yes, it is correct, ‘perpetual shortness of breath’     this is correct as far as it goes.

Pulmonary fibrosis and normal lung compared

However, pulmonary fibrosis kills… and it is not a pleasant death. Someone suffering from this lung disease is smothered by his or her own lungs. All the ‘speckling’ on the lung on the left are areas where the fibrosis has taken the normal elasticity of the lung. In other words, breathing is already limited.

Pulmonary Fibrosis is a death sentence!

Put your head in a pillow case and see how long you are able to cope before tearing it off so you can take a ‘proper’ breath. People who suffer from pulmonary fibrosis can never take a ‘proper’ breath after the disease takes more and more of the lung(s). I know, I was sitting with my husband when he died from this dreadful condition.

Lung transplant is the only hope for sufferers.

The man on the news had been waiting 26 months.

Availability of donor lungs

Some patients will only wait a few days or weeks for their transplant but most will wait between 6 -18 months.

“Not everyone who is accepted on to the waiting list will receive a transplant. Unfortunately, some 10-15% of patients on the waiting list will either become so sick that they could not receive a transplant safely, or they will die from their lung disease before a lung becomes available.”
Lung foundation, Australia. http://lungfoundation.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/Lung-Transplantation_FS-Dec2015.pdf

Qantas has been in contact with the family to offer support in the difficult circumstances.

Found on Pinterest

The truth of the matter is that Qantas was the cause of the man’s inability to obtain the double lung transplant. What support can they give… another set of lungs? That would be the only acceptable compensation to the dying man and his family.

In the unlikely event of another pair of compatible lungs being available, another wife will sit by her husband’s bedside as he literally fights for every tiny bit of oxygen his diseased lungs will be able to extract from the oxygen therapy he will be on.

I have walked that road.


Shame on you Qantas!

I write from the point of view of a wife whose husband died from this dreadful and cruel disease.
Therefore I admit to having a bias because of my knowledge of the disease. I have no knowledge of the circumstances of the person or persons in this report.


Details about lung transplants…

“While a transplant center is free to set its own criteria for transplant candidates, certain requirements are generally agreed upon:

  • end-stage lung disease;
  • has exhausted other available therapies without success;
  • no other chronic medical conditions (e.g., heart, kidney, liver);
  • no current infections or recent cancer. There are certain cases where pre-existing infection is unavoidable, as with many patients with cystic fibrosis. In such cases, transplant centers, at their own discretion, may accept or reject patients with current infections of B. cepacia or MRSA;
  • no HIV or hepatitis;
  • no alcohol, smoking, or drug abuse;
  • within an acceptable weight range (marked undernourishment or obesity are both associated with increased mortality);
  • age (single vs. double tx);
  • acceptable psychological profile;
  • has social support system;
  • financially able to pay for expenses (where medical care is paid for directly by the patient);
  • able to comply with post-transplant regimen. A lung transplant is a major operation, and following the transplant, the patient must be willing to adhere to a lifetime regimen of medications as well as continuing medical care.

The potential recipient will also have to pass complicated medical tests including tissue typing and blood types must match also.

Leave Schapelle Corby alone!

Kerobokan prison where Schapelle Corby served time
Kerobokan prison, Bali

I turned on the TV last evening (Saturday) to watch the evening news and thought my clocks must be wrong. I changed channels. The media circus was on all of them. Schapelle Corby had fulfilled her parole period in Bali and had to go through the hoops to be deported. It was apparently the end of a ‘special broadcast.’

My first thought?

Will the media never learn?

The police had to clear the media out of the way in order to lead Schapelle to the waiting transport. (I don’t know how many times that part was re-shown while I prepared the evening meal.)

My thoughts were of the media frenzy that – depending on how you see it – either led to Princess Diana’s death in that Paris tunnel, or made her life extremely difficult even when she was no longer an in-law to the British royal family.

When the last night’s evening news did come on it was more of the same about Schapelle Corby… except now the media were pursuing the convoy of police vehicles transport this woman.

If you have been living in Australia for the last twelve years or more, it would have been very hard to miss all the media ‘blast’ about Schapelle Corby.

Quote from ABC News…

“Ms Corby was arrested in 2004 carrying more than 4 kilograms of marijuana in her boogie board bag and returns to Australia as a convicted drug trafficker who has served her jail time.

One of Ms Corby’s key defences put forward by her legal team and supporters was that corrupt baggage handlers had placed the marijuana in her bag.”

It is more than twelve years since then. Whether guilty or not she served the sentence.

Leave Schapelle Corby alone!

Stalk some criminals!

I remember after the divorce between Princess Di and Prince Charles, when she was still being hounded – I said to my husband, “Why don’t they just leave her alone?!”

We were in a supermarket waiting in a checkout queue at the time.

He pointed at the variety of magazines on display there – all with a picture of Princess Diana on it. He replied, “When people stop buying the magazines and wanting to read about her.”

He was correct. We are to blame.

For the media to leave Schapelle Corby alone, we must leave her to piece together a life again and stop buying the papers or magazines.


Are we any different from the people who went to see the Christians torn by lions in the arena? Sometimes I wonder.