Why People Love to Hate Women in the Bible

To answer the question in the title…  When it came to women in general – most women in the Bible, who were not slaves, were content with their lot. It was not wrong to be content.
There was no ‘welfare system.’ The family was the welfare support.

Marriage was important, as was raising children. Remember, they had no TVs, no computers, no video games or ‘smart’ phones to distract. Mothers mothered. That was their career.

Train up a child in the way he should go,
And when he is old he will not depart from it. NKJV
Proverbs 22: 6

In the home – a mother was a child’s first teacher. Not only by instruction, but also by example.

Apostle John series, all 5 cover images

There were times, when writing the Apostle John Series, I would have loved to have a modern cooker if not a microwave.
A telephone for Samuel to warn his wife he was bringing brethren to join them for a meal…
A freezer with spare meals for such an occasion. But no, none of those ‘essentials’ were available to the women of the Bible.

Women in the Bible

women's work, grinding grain
women's work, hand sewing

The women walked to the market, chose the produce they required. Unless they had servants or slaves, they carried their shopping home. They ground grain, washed clothes by hand, drew water from a well – sometimes grew their own vegetables, and cooked the ‘long way.’ (In a pot on an open flame.) Floors had to be scrubbed, and if they needed new clothes? Buy or weave the cloth, then cut and hand sew them.

Of course if they lived on a farm all of the former had to be done, plus looking after the smaller animals.

I guess they did not have time to be bored, and they probably appreciated the twenty-four hour Sabbath.
Even in that they had to be excellent planners and prepare all they and their families would need in the twenty-four hours.

Few women would have time to lead a church (fellowship) group. Yet, there are some notable women in the Bible, women who were disciples (followers) and who taught in informal ways.

The culture of the times

The cultural setting also has to be considered. The time and place where the Apostle John Series is set, was in the midst of pagan worshippers of a multitude of gods. Temple prostitution was not only practiced, but in many cases encouraged.

Godly women

By contrast to the times – in both Testaments of the Bible, women were honoured by their husbands and families.

Proverbs 31 women

Women have always held an important role in society – they still do. 

This post is in response to the idea expressed by some that women who stay at home and raise their families are somehow ‘letting other women down.’ 

No. They are simply choosing a different path and raising children.


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