Balancing the Books

These days balancing the books means making sure I write down all the appointments. Then, that done, I have to arrange transport to those appointments. 

LOL – yes, my life is more complicated nowadays.

It is also more difficult to keep track of things, and I find there is a reason for that.

Background: I have two life-limiting conditions that see me hospitalised from time to time. (Three times in this last year.) The last admission was for the CCF or CHF, the other condition stayed in the background, the COPD, but the coughing, which is always there, is annoying.

I noticed this article…


COPD is a major risk factor for cognitive impairment. Among patients with COPD, hypoxemia is a major contributor and regular use of home oxygen is protective. Health care providers should consider screening their COPD patients for cognitive impairment.”

Aha! There is a reason for my forgetfulness. <smile>

Balancing the books of living - mmm

This is more difficult with so much to keep track of. Despite this challenge, if everything is written down at the time – it is possible to balance those books.balance the books by keeping them up to date

As I mentioned in Living at the end of an Oxygen Tube 

“It takes the planning ability of a Field Marshall or a 5-star General to organize my life now.”

Every outing, even if it only to the local doctor (1 km) away, needs a plan, a time estimate and sometimes help to accomplish it.

I will be able to run a small town by the time this is over.

Now that I think of it, I need to go do some balancing with next week’s books. There is a bunch of appointments to check, plus fitting in the services to sort out. Then I need to check if I need oxygen cylinders replaced and ensure the POC batteries are charged.

Keeping the cognitive impairment at bay,


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