Australia Burns

The fires in Australia started in New South Wales in the Eastern States in September. (Not quite summer time.) Then it was Queensland’s turn. Other States have had fire emergencies since, but New South Wales is still burning, and there is an active on-going fire emergency in Western Australia.

In both these States temperatures continue to climb, and in Western Australia wind changes pose a dangerous hazard.

List of States and their fires can be found here…

In Western Australia

Aside from the fact I live there, (although not near the fire zones) the adult grandchildren of a friend are volunteer firefighters, and have been involved in fighting these blazes. So, for me, praying for the firefighters has a personal face. I know these young people, although I pray for all firefighters, but particularly Christy and her brother.

When this fire started I was in hospital and saw on the news about the petrol station exploding in the blaze. Roads were blocked by the police as the nearby housing estates were too much of a risk to access.

Some of the nurses had homes in the affected areas and unable to contact husbands/family members. Consequently they were able to leave their shifts and go.

Evacuation centres were set up, police went door to door in suburbs under threat, telling people to evacuate immediately.

There is another side to the fact Australia is burning


  • Crops have burned,
  • There are animal losses,
  • Devastation for the already stretched and depressed farmers and their families.
Price rise for bread in Australia

We might complain about the increased costs, and we have already seen some price rises. The price of bread rose by 15cents a loaf last week but we might as well get used to it because grain products will only be one aspect of the shortages.


Some of the images from the fires in New South Wales and Queensland showed burned, or starving animals.

A report I read about the drought in the Eastern States (prior to the fires) told of a farmer having to perform a Caesarean section surgery on his cows who were too weak to give birth.

I Am Fire

 This is the best ‘prepare for fire’ plan advertisement I have seen. A short version here…

The one I saw mentioned how far ahead of the actual blaze embers would travel and start new blazes.

The advert asks ‘Do you have a plan?” While I do not live in a bushfire zone, my home could lose power if a fire affected an electricity sub-station. Therefore, yes, I have a plan. I have to have a plan because a loss of power also means the loss of the oxygen machine that keeps me alive.

Life in Australia is more than dangerous insects and animals… and snakes etc.

An Australian summer brings with it bushfires, and it seems each year is worse than the previous one.

It looks as if the fires in California are now contained or out, but yes., I am aware Australia is not the only place where there are annual, devastating fires.

So, we would all do well to be aware of the consequences of our actions.


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  1. I continue to pray for you, and also for all affected people and the fire fighters.
    We had a large wildfire in our area last summer. There is a 1/2 mile wide river between us and where the fire was burning out of control. The fire jumped the river in 3 different areas, and our community was evacuated. Our community housed and took care of about 750 evacuees from neighbouring communities where the fire was threatening their welfare. So they also had to move on to towns about 300 miles south of us here, together with about 3,000 people from our community of 10,000. My family was 1/2 mile east of the the evacuation boundary, so we were able to stay at home. The sawmill which I built in 1991 (where I’m still employed) was in the evacuation zone, but I took a chance and did spend almost 24 hours a day on the site watching and preparing to fight any spotfires from flying kindlings. It turned out ok.
    So we can feel for you folks, and we’ll continue to pray for your welfare and safety.

    • I remember those fires being reported, and praying for the community. I was amazed at how far embers fly in advance of fire. We are in a ‘run’ of 40+ C (over 100 F) days. This is bad enough but to be in firefighting gear in this heat, next to the heat of flames I cannot imagine. So I pray instead.
      Thank you for commenting.

  2. This is a long read, but a worthwhile one. It is written by the wife of one of the volunteer firefighters in response to a comment by the Australian Prime Minister. (She gives ‘blanket permission’ to repost.)

    Sorry I couldn’t make it a link.


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