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Geoff and Susan M B Preston at Peebles Hydro




Only visiting. Geoff and I at Peebles Hydro for morning coffee.

Looking back…

I was born and ‘raised’ in the beautiful border town of Peebles, Scotland. My home town is where many special memories lie.

When my late husband and I visited Peebles we were treated to morning coffee at the Hydro by some special friends.

My home town is nestled among the border hills with the River Tweed meandering by on its 97 mile course to the sea.

Peebles is a ‘Royal and Ancient’ Burgh and steeped in history which fascinated me, creating an enduring love of history.

Many famous people were born here, and contributed to the life of this border town.

Peebles, birthplace of Susan M B Preston
Image by Mike Murray

Why do I use my middle initials?

I tried to register a domain name in in my name, and it was not available.

“Do you know how many Susan Prestons there are on the Internet?”  

Many. So, I added author to my domain name, because I am an author. My middle initials I added to my author name on my books – because a number of those Susan Prestons are also writers.

Finally realized a many-year long ambition

Made it to the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee

Susan M B Preston and friend in Nashville
Security was tight
Gran' Ole Oprey

Have a wander around this cyber home of mine. There are photos of the Award ceremony in Miami, photos of the events I have attended and lots of information on the books.

My blog is  interesting too. Generally, I blog about matters that touch my heart.

Periodically I host other authors in my genre and this is fun for me – and I discover new books to read.

Like most authors, I am an avid reader.


Looking forward...

The website continues to grow and evolve as I include more information. Have fun – it’s good to have you here.

As an old ‘Andy Stewart song said…

Come in, come in, it’s nice tae see ye
How’s yersel ye’re lookin grand
Tak yer ease we’ll try to pleese ye
Man ye’re welcome
Here’s my hand.


Come in, come in, it’s nice to see you
How are you, you’re looking well
Make yourself comfortable we will try to please you,
(Holding out hand in greeting) 
You are so welcome.

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