Keepers of the Faith Series: Companion Novellas to the Apostle John Series

After the Thirty Days novella, 5-star seal
Esther's Story
Cover of No Evil Shall Befall You with 5-star seal
'Young Simon's' Story
Clash of Faith cover with award seal
Judah and Simon
Shadow of the Past, cover image
Elisabeth's story

Books in the Apostle John Series...

Apostle John Series

A five-book fiction series set in the late 1st Century AD... Hold the Faith; (Award winner) Grow in Grace; Light of Truth; (Double Award winner) Keep the Flame (Award winner) Hell Shall Not Prevail.

Keepers of the Faith

Four-novellas featuring some of the not-so-prominent characters in the Apostle John Series... After the Thirty Days (Esther's Story) ; No Evil Shall Befall You (Young Simon's story) ; Clash of Faiths (Christianity divides family.) ; Shadow of the Past (Elizabeth's story.)

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