Book 3 in the Apostle John Series.   Early Christianity Comes To Life

IAN Finalist, 2017

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Elizabeth, wife of Meshua and daughter-in-law of ‘Old Simon’, is a woman living in the time of the Apostle John. A member of a traditional Jewish family, she knows the penalty for showing an interest in the apostle’s ‘heretic’ teachings.

Yet, she wondered why his prayer for her younger daughter had resulted in her healing when none of the rabbis’ prayers had helped the girl’s worsening condition.

Her father-in-law noticed her interest and warned her that she would be cast out of her family, and her husband could lose his business. With too much to lose, she shut out her curiosity.

Until she went to keep the Feast of Tabernacles with her Jewish sisters and their families.

          Awarded five star reviews by three Readers’ Favorite Reviewers

The desperate illness of the baby son of her niece and nephew calls for dramatic action, and Elizabeth offers to go to the nearby village to obtain medicine for him. Her path crosses that of the Apostle John, and she remembers her younger daughter’s healing by his prayer. In desperation, she approaches him, ignoring the risk of being shunned by her family and the Jewish community.

Events are set in place that will change the lives of her family, and the Apostle John’s family.

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I very much enjoyed The Light of Truth: Early Christianity Comes to Life. Author Susan Preston has done a wonderful job in creating characters that her readers will be able to connect with, relate to, and truly come to care about. If that isn't a hallmark of a great author, I'm not sure what is. Her ability to tell stories that are fresh and revealing from biblical times is second to none. Any reader who loves works of Christian fiction should absolutely read this book. I am pleased to be able to recommend it, and look forward to reading more from author Susan Preston in the future!
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