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Keep the Flame, congratulations, Finalist Award


Book 4 in the Apostle John Series

Inspirational story with characters that leap off the page’

Reader’s Favorite review

Questions as we head into this book…

  • Does Rachel leave her Jewish faith to follow the ‘Way’?
    If so – what effect will that have on her family?
  • Does Benjamin finally marry?
  • What about Meshua – does he come back to Ephesus as Rachel fears he will?
  • Where is Esther?
    Why did Meshua tell her that her mother and sister had been killed by pagan revelers?
  • Will Elizabeth see her younger daughter again?
  • What about ‘Old Simon’s’ grandson from Egypt.
    Does Judah arrive in Ephesus or has he stayed in Egypt?
  • Has John been taken prisoner yet?
  • Who is murdered?

Then there are the others… Alexander, Rhoda, Giannis, Lois, Jason, and John’s family.

Life is not dull for any of them!

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Did this book answer the questions?

Read the 5 ***** review by Divine Zape, for Reader’s Favorite

Susan Preston’s work is really inspirational, a story that is filled with realism and humanity. Her characters are well-sculpted, and it will be interesting to see how she masterfully blends elements from scripture into the compelling story. The characters leap from the pages of the book with life, and the prose itself makes it an enjoyable read. The narrative voice is very compelling and the author has the gift of making readers care about these characters that will surely be remembered long after the read. The conflict evolves steadily, developed at the different levels of the story. The author uses subplots to create a permeating sense of suspense. Susan Preston has taken biblical characters and transformed them into characters who seem to walk the same path with readers. Keep the Flame: Early Christianity Comes to Life is spellbinding, a hard-to-put-down kind of book.

Susan Preston has done a wonderful job in her research for these books and have really brought to life the people of this era. Following Benjamin through his trials and seeing what God had planned for his journey in her books have been a wonderful experience. Seeing the strong faith in his family and their trust in God is a blessing to all who reads this series. I am glad that all thought she did include the horrible persecution our brethren were subjected to, she didn't dwell on it, but instead showed how it increased their faith in God. Can't wait for the next book in this series!
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Amazon Customer

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