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Book 2 in The Apostle John series.   Early Christianity Comes to Life

Benjamin knows he is running away.

As he struggles with his emotions he remains determined to follow through on his commitment to work as a grape picker.

  • His mother is overwrought and cold toward him
  • Deep inside, he is questioning his faith.

Life in Ephesus continues.

The Cypriot brethren bombard the Apostle John with questions as he continues writing his memories which would become the Gospel of John.

Grieved and despairing, Deborah discovers she has no choice but to accept her parents’ plans.

Returning after twelve weeks in the vineyard Benjamin is anxious about his reception by his mother and great-grandfather. His anxiety increases when he finds his father’s booth is now the booth of a cloth seller. Fear and guilt assail him. Has his whole family been taken by the Romans?

A lot has happened in his twelve weeks away, and much more will happen.

Alexander has to deal with painful news at the same time as the Apostle John is arrested again. Refused food or water unless he makes the ‘act of worship’ to the Roman Emperor, Domitian the brethren fear for the apostle’s safety.

But God has a task for John which is not yet complete

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cover of Grow in Grace with 5 star seal
With skill the author writes a window into the struggles and triumphs of 1st century believers. You’ll be taken back to a time when living by faith was a necessity not a convenience. Like me, you might be struck by the contrast between the early church and our current mode of religious worship. I can’t help but think we’ve lost much in the way of hope, faith, and love over the past two thousand years. If you are looking for a book which will encourage you to Grow in Grace then Susan Preston’s book is one you will love.
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William Struse
Author and Reader

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