Second Chance Love

LOL – No, I am not running a dating agency. ‘Second Chance Love’ is the title of the blog written by this week’s guest author, Sharilee Swaity. Her book is called Second Marriage: An Insider’s Guide to Hope, Healing & Love. 

Welcome Sharilee.

Thanks so much for having me on the blog, Susan! I am enjoying your first book, so far.

Thank you Sharilee, I hope you keep enjoying it. LOL


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Great to have you on my blog…
 Please introduce yourself to my readers.

Sure, first…

Sharilee Swaity, author
Sharilee Swaity

A Little About Me as a Writer and a Teacher

My name is Sharilee Swaity. My background is a certified teacher. I have a Bachelor of Education, with a major in Secondary English Education. My favourite part of teaching High School English was enjoying deep, philosophical discussions about novels with my students.
Although teaching high school was my favourite, I ended up teaching other levels through the years, all the way from Grade Two up to adult education. This last year, I was privileged to be able to take a full year off from and just write. During this year, I managed to finish my first book.

Considering that I was trained in literature, it may seem strange that I ended up writing Christian self-help books but there is a reason behind it. Before writing my book, I was involved in writing several online articles on a site called Hubpages. I found that the articles that seemed to resonate the most were very personal, about relationships and going through difficult times.

This was one of the reasons I chose this genre. This book is very personal but I guess I put my life out there in the interests of helping others. My main goal as a writer it help and encourage people through some of the difficult parts of life. I think it’s because I have been through some pretty tough time in my own life and I want to help others who are hurting, as I was. It is my way of giving back and feel that the LORD helps to give me encouraging words to help those who are hurting.

I also really enjoy researching a topic in-depth and doing interviews. So, my book involved a lot of research into the studies surrounding divorce, bereavement, marriage and stepfamilies. I also interviewed three couples who where in a second marriage and had done well. Their stories are intertwined throughout the book.

My First Book (And Only One So Far)

My book, Second Marriage: An Insider’s Guide to Hope, Healing & Love is for couples whose first marriage ended in either divorce or bereavement.

For most couples, after their marriage ends, they are very reluctant to do so again but in time, they gain the courage to walk down the aisle again.

After they are married, there are several issues that come up that are unique to second marriages. For example, they must be willing to leave the past behind in order to embrace their new life. This is not always an easy or automatic process. My book helps people work through this process.


As well, many in second marriages and stepfamilies feel marginalized, like they are the only ones that have gone through this experience. Second Marriage: An Insider’s Guide to Hope, Healing & Love is designed to help people realize that they are far from alone in this situation, and to encourage people to reach out and find support.

I am a Christian but I did not write this book just for Christians. It is meant to be an outreach for anyone in this situation. I endeavoured to show the Christian principles of love, forgiveness and grace that can help people heal in their marriages. I have references to the Bible in my book, including a chapter on how Jesus forgave those who had hurt him so badly.

Second Marriage and the Believer

As Christians, remarriage can be especially difficult because we appreciate the importance of marriage. We want to have the ideal of “happily ever after.” God uses second marriages, though, as an opportunity to minister. If we are a stepmom, we have an opportunity to minister to our stepchildren through caring for them and praying for them. We are often entering into a broken situation and God can use us to bring healing to those in our new family.

Future Works to Come

Right now, I am working on a workbook to go with the Second Marriage book, which should be out by the end of the month. There is also an audiobook scheduled for the end of September. As well, I am putting together an accompanying journal for those in second marriages. The journal will give readers more room to reflect on the issues talked about in the book. My goal is to have this journal out by the end of October.

About the Author

Sharilee Swaity, author

Sharilee Swaity lives with her husband, Vern, in the boreal forest of Manitoba, Canada, with two cats. Sharilee has a Bachelor of Education and worked as a teacher for ten years. She helps out her church with their social media presence and recently directed their Vacation Bible School program.

Sharilee, it has been a pleasure to host you and share your book. 

Because you have ‘been there- done that’ your book, and coming workbook will be very valuable to those who find themselves in a similar situation. While it is not an ideal situation by any means, because of the past  hurts,  to ‘blunder’ into another relationship without taking the time to evaluate sets us up for failure. We need to deal with the ‘baggage’ we carry with us. Your book will be an excellent step in doing that… dumping the baggage and moving forward.

Thank you for sharing your book, and your life with us.

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I trust that you have found this week’s blog encouraging and will join me in thanking Sharilee for her time,  and commitment to helping mend the ‘broken’ – God bless