Reviews – Why?

A Tale of Two Books

A ‘review’ analogy.

Although living in different suburbs, Thelma and Audrey both work for the same large company. Because of their working hours they both need a vehicle and that means expenses. They both pay the annual road tax. Then they need to buy the petrol (gas for my American friends) and they also have to pay for parking near their work.

cars in car park for review analogy

However, it doesn’t stop there… there are expenses at work that they have to fund themselves… items like ‘union fees’ and registration fees to keep their qualifications up to date and sundry other costs.

Both Thelma and Audrey are good workers, and are employed in associated, but different departments. Thelma is part of a fairly large group of co-workers and is well-liked. Audrey is in a busy, but small section, often working on her own, doing the work of more than one person at busy times. Although when she does have contact with people from other departments, she is also liked.

Paper and pencil cartoon

A job vacancy comes up, a promotion with higher pay. Both women would like this better position, and apply.

When looking at the applications received from internal applicants, the HR officer discreetly solicits the opinions of other staff in the departments the women work in.

Audrey is not chosen because not many people know her, or even what she does in her small section.

Yes, you are correct if you see the correlation between books being reviewed. There are costs involved in writing.

Some of these are…

  • Vehicle… the website;
  • The annual road tax… the domain name.
    (In my case….(
  • The fuel for the car… Rent has to be paid for the ‘virtual’ space on the web host’s server.
  • Driver licence… Telephone line – modem.
  • Parking… Internet Service Provider contract.

Additionally there is Electricity, cost of images, cost of covers (different set up for eBook and print covers) editing.
Of course, if the computer needs to be replaced, or repaired – here is another cost.
The required free books to book reviewers, competition entries, postage – and on and on it goes.

So, as you probably guessed – Thelma and Audrey are books. Both are good books – but because little is known about Audrey she is passed over for Thelma who has more ‘reviews.’


Puzzled, which has more reviews

So, if you have ever wondered...

Yes! Reviews are important!

Review image, smiley face

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