Leave Schapelle Corby alone!

Kerobokan prison where Schapelle Corby served time
Kerobokan prison, Bali

I turned on the TV last evening (Saturday) to watch the evening news and thought my clocks must be wrong. I changed channels. The media circus was on all of them. Schapelle Corby had fulfilled her parole period in Bali and had to go through the hoops to be deported. It was apparently the end of a ‘special broadcast.’

My first thought?

Will the media never learn?

The police had to clear the media out of the way in order to lead Schapelle to the waiting transport. (I don’t know how many times that part was re-shown while I prepared the evening meal.)

My thoughts were of the media frenzy that – depending on how you see it – either led to Princess Diana’s death in that Paris tunnel, or made her life extremely difficult even when she was no longer an in-law to the British royal family.

When the last night’s evening news did come on it was more of the same about Schapelle Corby… except now the media were pursuing the convoy of police vehicles transport this woman.

If you have been living in Australia for the last twelve years or more, it would have been very hard to miss all the media ‘blast’ about Schapelle Corby.

Quote from ABC News…

“Ms Corby was arrested in 2004 carrying more than 4 kilograms of marijuana in her boogie board bag and returns to Australia as a convicted drug trafficker who has served her jail time.

One of Ms Corby’s key defences put forward by her legal team and supporters was that corrupt baggage handlers had placed the marijuana in her bag.”

It is more than twelve years since then. Whether guilty or not she served the sentence.

Leave Schapelle Corby alone!

Stalk some criminals!

I remember after the divorce between Princess Di and Prince Charles, when she was still being hounded – I said to my husband, “Why don’t they just leave her alone?!”

We were in a supermarket waiting in a checkout queue at the time.

He pointed at the variety of magazines on display there – all with a picture of Princess Diana on it. He replied, “When people stop buying the magazines and wanting to read about her.”

He was correct. We are to blame.

For the media to leave Schapelle Corby alone, we must leave her to piece together a life again and stop buying the papers or magazines.


Are we any different from the people who went to see the Christians torn by lions in the arena? Sometimes I wonder.

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