Hell Shall Not Prevail

Hell Shall Not Prevail cover option 1
  • The Apostle John has been taken to Rome.
    The Roman Emperor, Domitian,  wants him to acknowledge him as lord and god.
    His refusal in the past is what brought him here. Will he change now?
    May it never be!
    Word has come back to the leaders in Ephesus that John immediately started preaching the good news of the Kingdom of God. Not surprisingly, the brethren are anxious.
  • Secundus receives a worrying communication from Rome.
    What will it mean for him?
  • In Ephesus… The leaders realize that Jesus Christ will not return in their lifetime.
    Have they enough young, but mature leaders to take the truth forward into the next century – and beyond?
  • An unexpected, and mysterious visitor arrives from Rome with news for the leaders of the fellowship.
    What is the news?
    Is it true what they are told happened to John?
    Can they trust this unlikely messenger?
  •  In Rome… What do the rumored changes mean for the Apostle John and the brethren?
    What does it mean for the Roman conquerors?

The answers will be revealed in this  final book in the series

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