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A P.S. At the start…

I have struggled so much over whether or not to make this page ‘live.’ Asking for help is not something that comes easy to me. However, first the large oxygen concentrator stopped working at 2.00 am Saturday, scaring me with the piercing alarm. I was on my last oxygen cylinder when the technician arrived with a replacement. Then today (Australian morning) another oxygen cylinder ran out after a hospital appointment. I made it home.

I need more time than the cylinders can give me, and because of tendon problems could not lift a bigger one. I struggle with this one.

Please read on…

I am NOT asking for donations…  although you do have that option. I guess what I am doing is asking for help.

Please let me explain.

If you have been following my blogs, you will know that I have been prescribed oxygen 24/7. I have an oxygen concentrator delivering 90% oxygen (I am told that’s the ratio) and an 18 meter or 59 foot tube. That is to let me move from room to room. I cannot move the machine, which is very noisy anyway.

oxygen concentrator and oxygen cyclinders

The tall cylinder is an emergency supply to be used if the power goes out.

The two smaller ones are two of the three ‘going out’ cylinders.

Recently, and more than once, I have run out of the ‘going out’ oxygen. Two empties are required for an exchange which is either the next day or the day after… unless it is on a weekend or ‘public holiday.’ (We have a lot of these ‘days off’ in Australia.)

That’s why I had no ‘going out’ oxygen for five days recently, and three days another time. I had to cancel appointments.

Because I now rely on a transport service I am usually picked up about an hour before the appointment, and when the appointment is over wait up to another hour. This depletes the oxygen cylinder.


Potentially this will cause problems for my hospital appointments. One hospital where the aneurysm is measured annually and the graft is checked, is an hour away. Leaving one hour before, that is two hours. Allow three to four hours for the appointment – that’s up to six, then two hours for going home, (eight hours) unless it is rush hour therefore it will be longer. I would need to take two cylinders with me.

The other hospital is only half an hour away, but again warns of a long wait time. Even my appointment with the eye surgeon today – I have been told to allow one and a half hours because dilating drops will be used. Plus two and a half hours for transport

Current going out setup

Walker with oxygen for going out

This is bulky, rather unwieldy and takes up a lot of room. Not too good in a queue in a supermarket!

Although the cylinder looks small in comparison to the walker – it is heavy (almost 5kg, and has to be detached from the walker) and I have a painful (inflamed) tendon in my right arm. Of course, I would have to be right-handed. LOL

Another difficulty is that if there is no disabled access to a building, I cannot enter it. 


Buy a portable oxygen concentrator which will not only give me longer, but can be plugged in to a power source.

Portable oxygen concentrator
Weight only 2.1 Kg and less bulky

Rrp $4750

Spare battery: approximately $400

This is a lot of money to most people, but to someone on a limited ‘age pension’ basically impossible. There is no Medicare assistance to buy a portable oxygen concentrator.

As I mentioned at the beginning I am NOT soliciting donations.
What I would appreciate is if readers of Biblical/Christian, historical fiction would buy my book series, or the novella series.

They would make ideal gifts for the upcoming holidays for your church-going friends.

The book series, called the Apostle John series began with the thought ‘what if the Apostle John had married?’ Neither the Bible nor history  records him being married, but I found some amusing suggestions on the Internet about who he married. I ignored those as there was no backup to them. 

If he had married, what ages would his family be in the late 1st century? The series explores them, and life for the early Christians using that fictional family – primarily through a great-grandson, Benjamin.

No call to repentance in this series, only history presented by mainly fictional characters.

Covers of books in the Apostle John series with awards
Old covers
The Apostle John Series
New covers

These are available as eBooks (or PDFs) from Barnes and Noble, Apple books, Kobo and leading online retailers.

Also available from Amazon in eBook and print formats.

THIS is how I am fund-raising.

Your support would be greatly appreciated

Another option - novellas

Covers of the novellas

These pick up the story of ‘Old Simon’ and his family and follow them through their challenges. (These are the Jewish characters who appeared, or were mentioned in the Apostle John Series.)

Many choices - good cause. (A degree of freedom.)

Feel free to direct friends here

If you need direct links to the books or novellas, see below.

The Apostle John Series


Hold the Faith

Grow in Grace

Light of Truth

Keep the Flame

Hell Shall Not Prevail

The Novella series

After the Thirty Days

No Evil Shall Befall You

Clash of Faiths

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Hold the Faith

Grow in Grace

Light of Truth

Keep the Flame

Hell Shall Not Prevail

Novella Series 

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Thank you for reading. I appreciate your time.