April 2016

A member of the Fellowship of Australian Writers WA, Susan was one of three writers to read an excerpt from her current work in progress to a group of her peers. In the section she chose…

“The Roman governor, concerned that the plans for capturing the Apostle John would go awry, was ‘grilling’ the garrison commander.”

This gave a picture of some of the pressures the Christians were living under at the time.
Susan commented afterward that reading one’s work aloud was a good way of picking up what didn’t work in a sentence.


Comment from one of her peers "You have opened a window down through the centuries to a time and culture in the past."

May 2016

Launch of print version of Hold the Faith

On the 19th May – 
Listed on the events for the City of Joondalup, Western Australia, was a ‘Meet the Author’ function, hosted by Joondalup Libraries.

The author was Susan MB Preston, author of the Apostle John Series, and was the official launch of the print book version of Hold the Faith.

Hold the Faith is the first book in the historically and Biblically researched series.

Susan gave a short reading from the start of Hold the Faith, before sharing some of her research for the series.

Giveaways included – ‘Behind the Series PDF. Living in Dangerous Times part 1 – The Roman Conquest.
(Now available as a PDF booklet with all 3 sections…free to members of Susan’s Reader’s Circle.)

Also available was a free copy of the newsletter with some of the interesting research that did not make it into the book.
Attendees were also invited to take a copy of Review Hints – a leaflet Susan produced after hearing from her readers that they did not know what to write in a review.

Hold the Faith book launch

It was a cool evening, but the event was well-attended, and as one of the organizers stated, “The people were all engaged.”

Also in May 2016

Cover reveal of Keep the Flame

Print version of Grow in Grace published

Release of Keep the Flame ARC to reviewers.


         Hold the Faith … Finalist in Reader’s Favorite Book Awards




Keep the Flame released after re-editing.

Submitted for review by Readers’ Favorite.


Keep the Flame received a 5-star ***** review and was entered into Readers’ Favorite book award competition.

The Light of Truth is in the same competition – interesting.

Keys to the Bible, cover image

This free course started at the end of February. Currently closed to new members, it runs for nine fortnightly sessions.

Also available from February, 2017 is the free PDF – “Sending Smashwords books to Kindle -Automatically.”
Available free to members of the Reader’s Circle.

Use the contact form and ‘speak’ to Susan directly.

April 2017 - May 2017

Currently, Susan has resurrected her computer trainer skills.
A ‘computer basics course’ for mature beginners was conducted at the Dianella Church of Christ Friendship Club.

June 30 2017

                     Invited to speak at Woodvale Church JOY group.

“3 stories – 3 lives”

Introduced by Jessie Hardy and with the books in the Apostle John Series.

Speaking event, Susan M B Preston with Jessie Hardy
Susan M B Preston with the Apostle John Series of books at speaking evenr

September 2017

2017 Finalist Award for Keep the Flame

October, 2017

Chicago, Illinois

The Light of Truth – Finalist in IAN Book of the Year competition.

Chicago, Illinois

Nashville, Tennessee

Chicago, Illinois

Edinburgh, Scotland

Chicago, Illinois

Miami International Book Award Ceremony

Readers’ Favorite Award functions – welcome.

Meeting friends from last year.

Jo Dibblee, Pete, Susan M B Preston

See the photos from the Street Fair and Award Ceremony –

Perth - Ask An Author Event

14 December, 2017

Ask An Aurhor advert, image of Susan Preston at Miami

An interesting and informative afternoon session in the heart of the city of Perth, Susan shared the ‘5 steps in publishing.’

Handouts were available and a lively discussion between the attendees and the ‘author’ made the session engaging as well as enlightening.

The four currently ‘in-print’ books in the series were on display. These too were discussed.

Covers of books in the Apostle John series with awards

Susan M B Preston, multi-award winning author, has accumulated a vast store of knowledge about life in the late 1st-century, AD. 

She is available as a speaker on this subject, or on her experience in self-publishing.
Use the contact form located here –

Susan Preston describes herself as a story-teller, not a preacher. Her books are not ‘denominational’ and she does not attempt to evangelize, just share her discoveries.

2018 - February

Novella published and sent to reviewers

After the Thirty Days, by Susan M B Preston

After almost a year when everything had been turned upside down, Esther was summoned back to Ephesus.

Strange, because before she had left Ephesus to keep the Holy Days at her aunt and uncle’s farm she had heard Judah say he would not marry her.

Now, she was to be betrothed to him.

The only thing that had changed was her attitude to her mother. So had Judah’s opinion. Elizabeth had been taking lessons in the Christian heresy, now Esther was to treat her mother as dead.

The confusion of the year continued when there was a challenge to the betrothal.

Who would Esther be marrying after the thirty days?

Running parallel in time to Hell Shall Not Prevail, this novella fills in the lives of some of the other characters.

The astute will have noticed...

Apostle John Series... Cover changes!

I loved the previous covers, for the most part photographs by a very talented Tasmanian lady.

However, many people made the observation that although beautiful, they gave no clue as to what genre they were. Hence the ‘across the series’ cover change.

April 2018

Due to ‘issues’ with Amazon, currently the print version of Grow in Grace is unpublished. VIP Readers were warned of this possibility.

The eBook versions of all books are still available.

Also in April

Invited to participate in Exploring Genres – in Christian Writers Downunder and cross-posted to Australian Christian Writers.

You can read the post HERE

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