Esther Novella

After the Thirty Days

The Apostle John series has ended. This first novella traces the lives of some of the ‘other’ characters from the Apostle John Series.

Most of them have appeared in other books in the series, but unlike the ‘main’ characters did not continue through all of the books in the series. Or may have had an important, but minor supporting role.

Which is why this novella is for people who have read all the books in the series.

Hopefully, I will also have an address for you where I can send a free copy of this novella. To make sure I have your address, you can always use the contact form on this website to send me your address. Be sure to tell me where you have reviewed the books. Send a link to the page/s and tell me the name you used when reviewing the other books.

Susan M B Preston

Susan M B Preston

Multi award-winning author

After the Thirty Days

After almost a year when everything had been turned upside down, Esther was summoned back to Ephesus.

Strange, because before she had left Ephesus to keep the Holy Days at her aunt and uncle’s farm she had heard Judah say he would not marry her.

Now, she was to be betrothed to him.

The only thing that had changed was her attitude to her mother. So had Judah’s opinion. Elizabeth had been taking lessons in the Christian heresy, now Esther was to treat her mother as dead.

The confusion of the year continued when there was a challenge to the betrothal.

Who would Esther be marrying after the thirty days?

Running parallel in time to Hell Shall Not Prevail, this novella fills in the lives of some of the other characters.

If you have read all the books and have not had time to review them – I hope you will take time to do it now. This novella is waiting for you.

NB This novella is intended to be a private release for reviewers of the books in the Apostle John Series

WHY – Because it would be a ‘spoiler’ for anyone reading the series.

Reader Comment:

I TOOK the time to indulge in enjoying your novella this evening! Loved it as I have the other 5 books! (Spoiler edited out) The sacrifices they made for their new faith. Too bad such divisions divide families.
Beth Ellen Nash
Beth Ellen Nash
Curriculum Coordinator and Intervention Specialist