Clash of Faiths cover, a novella by Susan M B Preston

This is third, and final novella in the series which follows  ‘Old Simon’s’ family.

At long last Simon returns to Ephesus and his son, Judah.

However, there are a few things his son Judah does not know. He is about to find out when he meets Simon at the port.

  • His father is not alone. He is bringing Judah’s older brother with his wife, child, and mother-in-law.
  • Simon intends to settle in Ephesus. This is not just a visit for a few months.

There is something else that disturbs Judah. Why did the ship’s captain hurry after Simon and tell him to go to the oil-seller, a known heretic, a follower of the hated Way?

How can Simon explain his interest in a faith he went to great lengths to discourage Judah from being involved in?

Will it go beyond curiosity?

Read the novella to find out.