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Author of the ‘Apostle John Series’ of fiction based-on-fact books.

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Short Bio:

Award winning Christian fiction author Susan Preston’s series is set in the late 1st century AD. Originally inspired by a Bible study, curiosity, then fascination took over and early Christianity comes to life in her writing.

Medium Bio:

Award-winning author Susan Preston writes Christian fiction set in the late 1st century AD. Originally inspired by a Bible study fascination and curiosity took over and thus began this series where characters became ‘family.’ Life experiences were not always happy – the death of a son, then in 2013 the death of her husband. The emotions from all her experiences contribute to her writing prowess.

Long Bio:

Award-winning author of Christian, historical fiction Susan Preston brings to her writing a great deal of life experience, emotional wisdom and diverse skills. Skills such as being, a registered nursing sister with experience in psychotherapy, a mother, a registered trainer and assessor, and graduate of a Bible college in Perth, Australia. A Christian, Preston takes her faith seriously and treats her research as a combination of treasure hunt and mystery tour. Her work has been described as masterfully blending elements from scripture into a compelling story. Her response to the comment was that the characters are real to her.

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