Cover imaage of award-winning Hold the Faith

Reader's Favorite Book Award Finalist, 2016

Hold the Faith is the first book in the Apostle John series, and it sets the scene for the series.

  • Discover what life is like for Christians in the late 1st Century AD
  • Meet the people, whose hopes are not so different from ours... although their way of life is vastly different. (However, no telephones, no automobiles, or modern cooking appliances might be a challenge for some of us.)
  • Find out the challenges they lived under, and how they coped. (The Romans were not the only threat.)

You will meet Benjamin, the fictional great-grandson of the Apostle John – hear their discussions and travel with them around the fellowship groups in Smyrna, discover why Benjamin did not go with John to Pergamum.

You will witness Benjamin's humiliation and the greatest trial to his faith.

You will have the opportunity to experience life as they might have lived it.

Come! Explore! Walk in their sandals!


I finished reading your book. Loved it… so applicable to the things going on in my life right now. It is both entertaining and educational. I was told yesterday to remember that God is in charge and that He is overseeing my life and all that is happening. It kind of reminds me of the dilemma that Benjamin was facing at the close of the book.
John Testimonial
John Reiss

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