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Book 2 in The Apostle John series.
Early Christianity Comes to Life

When Benjamin’s time at the vineyard is over, he returns to Ephesus......

Although he has matured, and developed skills he would never have dreamed of in his 'former life' as scribe to his great-grandfather, the Apostle John, Benjamin is unsure of his reception at home.

  • His mother had been overwrought at his departure.
  • Benjamin still feels guilty about having left his great-grandfather just as he was starting to record his gospel.
  • He hoped he was now able to accept Deborah’s betrothal to the false teacher​

But a lot has happened in the twelve weeks he was away.

  • Publius, the second-in-command of the Roman garrison is caught passing on information to one of the brethren. The penalty is swift and merciless.
  • John is arrested again. This time a concerted effort is made to force him to perform the act of worship’ to the Roman emperor, Domitian. Confined without food or water, John is daily marched to the temple of Domitian and ordered to make the sacrifice and refuses.
  • The Romans give up, for now, and John is returned home, surprisingly well. But plans are afoot for his next captivity.

The epilogue gives a small peak into Domitian’s palace, where he is plotting.

With skill the author writes a window into the struggles and triumphs of 1st century believers. You’ll be taken back to a time when living by faith was a necessity not a convenience. Like me, you might be struck by the contrast between the early church and our current mode of religious worship. I can’t help but think we’ve lost much in the way of hope, faith, and love over the past two thousand years. If you are looking for a book which will encourage you to Grow in Grace then Susan Preston’s book is one you will love.
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William Struse
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