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Most recently I am the author of the Apostle John series of books. A series which brings early Christianity to life. None of the books in the series ‘preach’, instead use mainly fictional characters to ‘bring these early Christians to life’ as people, not stories in a ‘dusty’ Bible.

Although I started writing in school, it was in the early 1980s that I became involved in Children’s Ministry and combined the two interests.

Summarizing my experience:

  • Planning, and conduction training for leaders involved in Children’s Ministry
  • Planning the programs, activities, and running weekly ‘Kid’s Club’ meetings
  • Planning and running children’s holiday programs. (Run by a church, Anglican.)
  • Writing material for activity sheets and lessons
  • Writing/planning and conducting weekend workshops for children during adult worship seminars. (Anglican and Lutheran.)
  • Writing articles/segments for a national church magazine
  • Planning, organizing and running segments in Children’s holiday program. (Uniting Church)
  • Co-author of several book for ‘Children in the Church’ (Anglican)
  • Co-developer and co-leader of initial Koinonia program for Anglican children pre-Communion admission.
  • Authored several ‘help’ books for children e.g. ‘We Are Divorced’ which was also used for leadership training.
  • Two years training at Rhema Bible Training Centre.
  • A registered Trainer and Assessor, holder of a Microsoft Master’s Certificate in Office 2007, and Certificate IV in both Business and Business Admin.
  • Extensive experience in training people in computer use, leadership training and using software applications.

Contact Info:

I live in Australia, so the easiest way to contact me is through my website contact form - or if you don't like that option you can email me using susan at (make the appropriate change.

​My postal address is:
P O Box 4285, Alexander Heights, W.A, Australia. 
(The W.A. is for Western Australia, not Washington )
Replies from my web email have my contact numbers.

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