What now?


At long last Simon returns to Ephesus to visit his son, Judah.

However, there are a few things his son Judah does not know. He is about to find out when he meets Simon at the port.

  • His father is not alone. He is bringing Judah’s older brother with his wife, child, and mother-in-law.
  • Simon intends to settle in Ephesus. This is not just a visit for a few months.

There is something else that disturbs Judah. Why did the ship’s captain hurry after Simon and tell him to go to the oil-seller, a known heretic, a follower of the hated Way?

Simon went to great lengths to discourage Judah’s interest in the Way years ago. How can he explain his interest in that same faith?

Will it go beyond a casual interest?

Read the novella to find out.

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