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The gospel of John comes to life as facts are seamlessly woven with fiction in the Apostle John Series of books.

Welcome! Wander around. Explore what my books are about, read my blogs, contact me – window shop if you like. No purchase necessary 🙂 Besides, this is not a 'selling' site... it is an information site.  Enjoy exploring!

See for yourself that the books in the Apostle John series are inspirational fiction and historical fact... not, as someone feared... a disguised ‘altar call.’ Far from it, the books in this series tell a story, one which has fascinated many readers.

Currently there are four published as eBooks,  so far - two in print. Book five is in draft.

Set in Ephesus... in the late 1st century AD. The Roman province of Asia Minor is a dangerous place. The background image is what remains of the arena.
Image: courtesy Wikimedia commons)

Susan MB Preston, author of the Apostle John Series

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Grumbling stone

A Grumbling Stone

This follows last week’s blog on Trials. I discovered so much about rock tumbling… My imagination took over. The stones were given voices and one grumbled.

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selecting a stone, for trials


Thinking, pondering… for consideration. “For many are called…” Matt 22: 14a   The second part of the verse above says “… but few are chosen.”

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